The Timeless Gift of Wine: Custom Etching by Montesquieu Winery

October 21, 2011, by: Lisa Duff Khajavi

A lovely bottle of wine makes a great gift any time of year. As we approach the holidays, there are more occasions than ever to remember friends, family, clients and colleagues with that special gift. What we at Montesquieu Winery have found is that everyone gets especially excited about our etched bottles, and with good reason! Not only are the wines delicious, but the elegant custom designs create a lasting impression.

To start with we offer a beautiful selection of wines, chosen for being excellent examples of their type and for their ability to match a wide range of tastes, dishes and occasions. As such these wines are always very well received—rave reviews as they say! Additionally, the designs are thoughtful and elegant, a result of working with designer Mario Bergeron for more than ten years. Over the years Mario has perfected his technique, working by hand to create custom etchings that result in stunning personalized works of art.

Mario's Personal Vineyards

As with all of us at Montesquieu Winery, wine is not just a job but a passion. The same goes for Mario, who surrounds himself in all the elements of wine country at his property just east of San Diego, including grape vines of his own! When we visited recently we were impressed with his new tasting room, a gorgeous addition just beyond this attractive door.

His underground cellar, carved out of rock beneath his property, is where Mario comes up with the designs and techniques that inspire his work.  For our still wines, each bottle is hand-capped in wax to match the design.  To see more of his designs visit our etching pages on our website.

When you give a gift of our etched bottles of wine, with a thoughtful personal touch, it will always be remembered.  Cheers and best wishes for wonderful holidays!

For additional information and other creative ideas for personal or business gifts with logos, contact the Montesquieu office nearest you  and speak to a professional Montesquieu wine broker.


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