Our Derenoncourt Lake County Cab: 1 in 5,000!

February 9, 2014, by: Montesquieu

Wine Spectator Magazine is the most popular wine publication in the U.S. — and it’s not even close.  So naturally, they receive tens of thousands of wine samples each year, from wineries all around the world.   The editors have no shortage of incredible wines to feature in their magazine.

And yet, of the 15,000 wines they reviewed for the past fifteen issues, they chose only three wines to feature on their cover.  By our count, that makes our 2009 Derenoncourt Lake County Cabernet Sauvignon, if not one-in-a-million, at least 1 in 5,000!

2009 Red Hills and Wine Spectator Magazine

As good as the wine looks emblazoned on this issue’s cover, it tastes even better. Since the first vintage we made with international winemaking phenom Stephane Derenoncourt — his first-ever U.S. wines — in 2006, our Lake County Cab has become something of a poster-boy for the emergence of the Lake County growing region.  Back then, Wine Spectator‘s top California wine critic James Laube wrote a column in which he used the quality of our 2006 Lake County Cab to announce, in essence, “There’s gold in them thar hills!”

And he’s right. Stephane is fond of telling the story of how, while exploring Napa with us in search of vineyards for our project together, we stumbled across the Lake Country region, which was then more-or-less unknown to discerning wine enthusiasts. Enamored with its volcanic soils and mountainous terrain, Stephane immediately saw its potential for producing Cabernet of immense depth and pleasure. We inked a long-term vineyard contract for his favorite plot in Andy Beckstoffer’s Red Hills Vineyard, and our Lake County Cab was born.

Eight years later, it’s exciting to see our early enthusiasm for Lake County’s potential now being shared with a wider audience of wine lovers. And it’s gratifying that the Spectator editors continue to point to our Cabernet as the standard-bearer of top quality from that burgeoning region.

If you have’t yet had the pleasure of tasting this wine, you can order it here.  We love sharing our passion for wine, and few wines have engendered as much passion as this one over the past few vintages. If you’ve enjoyed special moments with this wine, tell us about it in the comments below — we’d love to hear about it!

Here’s to many more of these moments in the years to come!



3 Responses to Our Derenoncourt Lake County Cab: 1 in 5,000!

  1. Tony on February 10, 2014 11:41 amLove this wine! Just tasted the 06 and 07 vintages recently, and they are both evolving beautifully. Bravo Stephane for making something special from an unheralded region. If possible, more wines like this will definitely put Lake County on the map for first class quality, not just value..
  2. Montesquieu on February 10, 2014 12:08 pmTony -- Thanks for the good word. One sign of a really good terroir is the ageability of its wines, and we've found that our Lake County Cabs are evolving beautifully in the cellar. We're glad to hear that you're having the same experience!
  3. David on March 7, 2014 7:44 pmTasty as can be! Sampled it with a good friend last week and we can join in the hurrahs for this great wine. Kudos to Amanda Martin for turning us on to this wine!

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