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Mother’s Day Gifts for Wine Lovers by Montesquieu Winery

May 9, 2012, by: Lisa Duff Khajavi

As we get set to celebrate Mother’s Day, the following gift ideas are especially nice for wine lovers— sure to bring a smile and may be enjoyed all year. All of us at Montesquieu Winery wish mothers everywhere a most Happy Mother’s Day!

Unique wine accessories make festive gifts. Some fun ideas include flower wine glass charms, wine bottle stoppers or bottle bags or totes, all which may be used throughout the year. Present with a bottle (or more!) of mom’s favorite wine for a lovely and delicious presentation. Candle holders (like the one pictured below) designed to fit the neck of a wine bottle are a fun way to remember a special bottle—just insert, add a candle and voila!  For handmade bottle bags and totes see Etsy, and for more artsy wine charms see 47 Gems. View Full Post


The Timeless Gift of Wine: Custom Etching by Montesquieu Winery

October 21, 2011, by: Lisa Duff Khajavi

A lovely bottle of wine makes a great gift any time of year. As we approach the holidays, there are more occasions than ever to remember friends, family, clients and colleagues with that special gift. What we at Montesquieu Winery have found is that everyone gets especially excited about our etched bottles, and with good reason! Not only are the wines delicious, but the elegant custom designs create a lasting impression. View Full Post


Decanting Basics, by Montesquieu Winery: Part 2 — How to Decant?

August 14, 2011, by: Lisa Duff Khajavi

In Decanting Basics by Montesquieu Winery Part 1, we covered all about why and when to decant, relaying how although it may seem complicated, decanting is really a very straightforward and effective tool to help you get the most out of your wine experience.

To summarize, the reasons why to decant fall into three main categories: removal of sediment, aeration and aesthetics. When to decant relates to each of these categories and can be easily determined by some general rules of thumb.

Sediment. Wines that are ten years or older should be decanted as they are more likely to have sediment, especially reds that have higher tannin content, generally fuller-bodied reds. However, it doesn’t hurt to check all bottles, especially if you are not sure whether they are unfiltered or unfined. To determine whether or not a bottle has sediment, simply hold in front of a light or candle. Vintage Port always has sediment so should always be decanted. View Full Post


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